3 March

Kazimierz Serocki is born in Toruń, as a son of Franciszek Serocki, a merchant, and Bronisława, née Stefaniak, owner of a furniture store. The composer’s family home is now at no. 8 Holy Spirit Street (no. 20 in the inter-war period).

Serocki's family house in Toruń
Commemorative plaque




Serocki’s parents, having noticed the four-year-old’s prodigious interest in music, send him to Professor Maria Drzewiecka for private music lessons. Drzewiecka, a Russian who settled in Toruń after the October Revolution, was very active as a teacher, giving private lessons and working in the local music school.





Seven-year-old Kazimierz is officially enrolled in a music school – the Conservatory of the Pomeranian Musical Society in Toruń, Prof Maria Drzewiecka’s piano class. Over the following few years, together with his most talented colleagues (Regina Smendzianka, Mieczysława Czyżewska and Jan Drath), Kazimierz takes part in school performances and concerts.