20 February

During the 13th Festival of Contemporary Polish Music in Wrocław the Warsaw Percussion Group led by Hubert Rutkowski performs Serocki’s Continuum .


Serocki’s health deteriorates rapidly. He is diagnosed with liver cancer. The composer is transferred to a Ministry of Health hospital. 





9 January

Kazimierz Serocki dies at 2 am in a Warsaw hospital.

As Zdzisław Sierpiński recalls, the composer

[...] had been ill for quite some time; there had been difficult periods, but on several occasions it seemed he’d be able to pull through. On Thursday, all who knew him, who were his friends, realised this was the end. The tragic news came at three in the morning on Friday...

Recollection and obituaries

Serocki is buried in the Powązki Cemetery (section I, row I, no. 26).

Serocki's grave

The obituary written by the composer’s wife and sister included the following information:

According to the deceased’s will, only the immediate family took part in the funeral. Instead of buying wreaths, the mourners made a donation to the Centre for the Blind in Laski.

Posthumously Serocki is made an honorary member of the Polish Composers’ Union.